NANA SHIOMI   contemporary Japanese woodcut prints

A Room of One’s Own -Still Life-

About forty years ago, I read Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’ in Japanese. She wrote, ‘a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction’. At that time I wanted to be an artist but I didn’t know how to start, however, she had given me invaluable advice.
Nana Shiomi

Nana Shiomi is an extraordinary artist-printmaker who studied with us at the Royal College of Art from 1989 - 1991 and subsequently has gone on to a strong career exhibiting her own work and teaching.

She exemplifies the interchange of influences between all parts of the globe but very particularly between East and West that the Royal College has been proud to nurture.

From my first encounter with her, I have noticed a ‘certainty’ in her work. Her vision has a clarity that the precision of printmaking draws out and yet there remains an enigmatic and intriguing space that defies complete analysis. Thus her work is delightful to look at and yet disturbing.

She talks about this fascination with duality and how the print is the perfect vehicle for this interest. Nana’s work quietly gets on with the job of describing a new imaginary territory at the same time as re-appraising the worlds we come from.

Technically her sure touch never lets her, or her audience down. It adds significantly to the tradition of Japanese printmaking but lies with great affection in the heart of out European heritage.

I commend you to the work of Nana Shiomi.

Professor Chris Orr   RA MBE